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MUUG Lines - Our Monthly Newsletter

The group publishes a newsletter, called MUUG Lines, every month from September to June. (There are no editions in July and August.) The newsletter is mailed out to all paid-up MUUG members. Back-issues are (in most cases) also available on-line, on our anonymous FTP server, as PageMaker 4.2, PageMaker 5.0, PageMaker 6.5 or MS Word (or Open Office) DOC source, PostScript files, and PDF files (readable with Adobe Reader).

Archive of PDF Files [Get Adobe Reader]

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The newsletter contains a variety of articles that would be of interest to UNIX users, covering various technical and non-technical topics. There are also announcements of upcoming meetings.

The editor is always looking for new material, and would appreciate any contributions. Articles or suggestions may be submitted by e-mail to editor@muug.ca.

Copyright Policy and Disclaimer

MUUG Lines is copyrighted by the Manitoba UNIX User Group. Articles may be reprinted without permission, for non-profit use, as long as the article is reprinted in its entirety and both the original author and the Manitoba UNIX User Group are given credit. Please also notify the editor, indicating what you've used, and where it will appear.

The Manitoba UNIX User Group, the editor, and contributors of the newsletter do not assume any liability for any damages that may occur as a result of information published in the newsletter.

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